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Central Heating Power Flush

Over time, central heating systems can fill up with sludge, rust and other debris. Power Flushing is a method of cleansing for your central heating system that clears out all of this muck. It’s important that it’s carried out regularly in order to keep your central heating working at its best, and to prolong the working life of your heating system.

The Mere Green Gas & Plumbing team has been carrying out central heating power flushes for several years, and has cleaned out hundreds of heating systems throughout Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Lichfield, Walsall and the surrounding areas.

When Do You Need Power Flushing?

It’s recommended that you have your central heating system power flushed every 5-6 years to ensure the build up of debris inside the pipes and radiators don’t get overwhelming for the system and cause blockages.

It's also highly recommended that you have your system power flushed before the installation of boilers. If you install a new boiler without power flushing your current central heating system, you risk contaminating the new boiler with rust and sludge. And the cost of a central heating power flush is significantly lower than that of having to repair or replace an almost brand new boiler.

Mere Green Gas & Plumbing Central Heating Power Flush Services

We have years of experience working with central heating systems and we’ve carried out numerous professional quality power flushes, providing hundreds of customers throughout the local area with sparkling clean, sludge free heating systems that perform like new.

We can carry out power flushes on every aspect of your central heating system including your pipes, radiators, coils and heat exchangers. And if you only require power flushing on certain elements of your system we can cater for that too.

Contact Us To Discuss A Central Heating Power Flush

Our central heating power flush services will leave you with a system that works like new with no risk of blockages, and we’ll do it at a price that won’t break the bank.

Contact us today to discuss a quote for your power flush, or any other gas or plumbing service you require.