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Central Heating

Mere Green Gas & Plumbing Services expert central heating engineers are capable of carrying out almost any central heating installation, power flush or central heating repair job. Whether you’re looking to have a new central heating system installed, or you need your current heating system repaired or power flushed – the Mere Green Gas & Plumbing team is perfect for the job.

Central Heating Installations

In need of a new central heating system? We’ve been carrying out central heating installations since we opened doors 15 years ago. Our team is experienced with central heating installations and will install your system to a professional level of quality - leaving you with a safe, reliable and perfectly fitted central heating system.

Find out more about our central heating installation service here.

Central Heating Power Flushes

Over time, central heating systems can fill up with sludge, rust and other debris. In order to keep your central heating system working as best it can – and prevent it from breaking entirely – it’s important to have it power flushed regularly.

Power flushing is a method of cleansing your entire central heating system – including your pipes, radiators, coils and heat exchangers. It’s recommended to have your heating system power flushed every 5-6 years, but if you invest in a new boiler at any time you should have your system power flushed to ensure no sludge or rust from the existing pipework contaminate your new boiler.  Boiler repairs will cost a lot more than a general power flush.

Find out more about our power flush service here.

One Off Central Heating Repairs

As well as our dedicated central heating installation and central heating power flushing services, Mere Green Gas & Plumbing provides professional repair jobs for central heating systems. Whether you need a pipe reattaching or replacing, or repairs making to any part of the heating system, the team at Mere Green Gas & Plumbing is available on call 24/7, ready to respond rapidly to any central heating repair emergency you may have.

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