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Emergency Gas Engineer

Call Emergency Gas Engineer

Do you feel dizzy, have headaches or feel nauseous?

Can you smell gas?  If so, you may have a gas leak.  Please do the following IMMEDIATELY:

  • Open all doors and windows to ventilate the rooms.
  • Switch off the gas supply.  Your gas meter may be found under the stairs, in the cellar or boxed up in a room.
  • Do not use anything electrical.
  • Do not use items such as lighters, cookers or boilers.
  • Call us for an emergency visit. Press the red emergency button above.

If you're having trouble with one of your gas appliances, whether it be a boiler breakdown, a central heating system malfunction or anything else – Mere Green Gas & Plumbing are on call 24/7 to rapidly respond to any emergency gas repair job.

Our emergency gas engineers have had years of experience repairing gas appliances for hundreds of homes and businesses throughout Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding areas, so you can trust our knowhow and expertise.

We're Capable Of Any Household Gas Repair Job

Handling gas appliances can be very dangerous. There' a lot that can potentially go wrong and without the right skill set it can be very easy to slip up. Don't try to carry out any gas repair jobs yourself; it's not worth the risk.

 Mere Green Gas & Plumbing have the specialist skills required to carry out a number of emergency gas repairs and service checks. If your boiler, central heating system or any other gas appliance in your home is broken or something seems wrong with it, our emergency gas engineers can come to you with no delay to investigate the problem and carry out any necessary repairs.

Skilled And Experienced Emergency Gas Engineers

When you let anyone carry out work on one of your homes gas appliances, you must make sure they are registered Gas Safe, as otherwise they may use dangerous methods or not repair appliances to a safe state. Not only can this be dangerous, but it can void your houses insurance. At Mere Green Gas & Plumbing our specialist as engineers are Gas Safe registered, allowing us to work on any gas appliances throughout your household safely, and without the risk of voiding your household insurance.

We've fifteen years of experience with gas appliance repairs and maintenance, and have worked and trained with British Gas and Scottish Power on a number of emergency gas repair and maintenance jobs.  With this level of experience behind us, you can rest assured that we'll carry out a perfect job of any gas appliance repairs you require.

Contact Us Anytime For Emergency Repairs

The Mere Green Gas & Plumbing team are available on hand to respond to your call outs 24/7, so if you need emergency gas engineers to repair an appliance in your home, give us a call anytime and we'll get a gas engineer to you in no time.

Contact us on 07885 687 352 for professional fast response emergency gas engineer services.

Call Emergency Gas Engineer